Terms and Conditions


Registrations must be submitted in writing on the enclosed registration form. On submitting a registration, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions set out below.

Dates and times

Dates and location for each training course are shown on the enclosed registration form. The courses run from 08h00 – 16h00 on each day.


Each training seminar is accredited with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) in terms of the ECSA Continuing Professional Development rules. Please refer to the specific seminar schedule for the validation number and the number of credits offered for each course.


Each participant will be assessed according to ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’. Competent participants will receive a course attendance certificate.

Eskom participants

All training courses are registered on the Eskom Zenzele system. In addition to sending us your registration form, please also register on the Zenzele system.

Training seminar fees / Terms of payment

All training courses fees quoted are per person and exclusive of VAT.The training course fees include a set of course notes, lunch as well as refreshments during breaks. Other possible costs for overnight accommodation, travel, local transport, etc, are not included.Invoices for course fees are payable by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) on presentation of an invoice, unless otherwise agreed.

Organizational changes

In order to provide high quality training courses, the number of participants are limited. Please refer to the specific training course schedule for the minimum number of participants required and the maximum number of participants allowed.For reasons beyond our control, such as illness of the instructor or too few registrations received, we reserve the right to change the location or time of a training course, to cancel a training seminar or to appoint a substitute instructor. In case of such changes, we strive to inform existing registrants in good time as well as to offer acceptable alternatives.

Changes of contents

We reserve the right to change the contents of a training course due to software and hardware updates or further development of the training course. Furthermore, depending on the previous knowledge and specific training requirements of the participants, the training contents may differ from their description.

Cancellation of registration

All cancellations or change of registration must be submitted in writing.Should a registrant for any reason not be able to attend we will accept a substitute at no additional charge, but require prior notification.As training places cannot be filled at short-notice, we will charge the full course fees if a cancellation is received less than 7 days prior to the start of the event (incl. ‘No Shows’).If we need to change the dates or the location of a course, the registrant reserves the right to cancel their booking at no charge within 7 days of the change notification.

Disclaimer of liability

The technical information given in our training courses and training documents has been carefully compiled following guidelines, recognized technical principles and our experience. We cannot be held liable for any errors in the technical information which has been communicated either orally or in writing during the training course, or which is contained in the software used. Furthermore, we cannot be held liable for any possible resulting damages or consequential damages. This disclaimer of liability is not valid as long as liability becomes coercive due to intent or gross negligence.


All training material provided is exclusively intended for personal use of the participant. We reserve the right to the copyright of the material and all its contents, reprint and duplication. For this reason, no part of the training material may be reproduced, duplicated, processed or distributed with the help of electronic systems by third parties without our written consent, independent of its purpose. This obligation is also valid for the time after completion of the training seminar. Non-compliance renders the perpetrator liable for compensation or damages.