ARCO 400: New universal test set revolutionizes recloser control testing worldwide

ARCO 400 Edit 2All utilities (including municipalities and cooperatives), service providers and manufacturers will now benefit from the smart plug-and-play recloser control test set ARCO 400. With this ground-breaking solution, users will easily master the challenge of testing all settings to ensure correct functionality in less than 15 minutes (including the test setup) and in any weather condition. Furthermore, GPS synchronized injections to test distribution automation schemes are also possible.

At 22 lbs (10kg), the lightweight but rugged ARCO 400 is equipped with 3-phase 12.5 A and up to 6-phase 150 V amplifiers. It is designed for outdoor usage and by using smart recloser-specific test adapters it is an ideal universal tool for testing controllers of any brand in the field. It covers all recloser and sectionalizer control functions and provides maximum testing flexibility, without any additional boxes or accessories.

Operated by the ARCO Control software (available for Windows PCs and Android tablets), the test set makes commissioning and maintenance testing of recloser and sectionalizer controls easier than ever before. Dedicated test tools ensure that all functions of the controller can be tested quickly and easily, and test results can be saved to a report. To standardize testing procedures, test plans can be created using the PC-based ReCoPlan software.

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