Primary and secondary injection and basic protection test set: COMPANO 100

Our new test set is a unique, battery-powered testing tool for all types of basic testing tasks in electrical energy systems, such as utilities (generation, transmission, distribution), railways or industry. It’s lighter and easier to use than all of the comparable test sets on the market today.

Numerous applications, such as quick wiring, polarity and CT/VT ratio checks, as well as single-phase protection relay testing, are possible with this cost-effective device.

What are COMPANO 100's highlights in brief?

Electronically controlledElectronically controlled: Load-stable outputs, independent from connected burden  

Run predefined

Run predefined sequences and ramps:  Complex sequences or ramps can be predefined   

Polarity check signal generationPolarity check signal generation: Easy setup for wiring tests   

Battery poweredBattery powered: State of the art battery lasts a typical workday   

LightweightLightweight: Total weight of the device is only 10 kg   

HelmetSafety: Emergency power off makes the device safe to use

What are COMPANO 100's testing applications?

  • Wiring and polarity checks
  • Burden measurements
  • Single-phase protection relay testing
  • CT / VT ratio checks
  • Micro-ohm resistance testing

Discover the new COMPANO 100

More information, brochure and videos on the new COMPANO 100

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