Successful use of MPD system at ABB


ABB successfully uses the MPD system to test the dry-type RESIBLOC® transformers at their facility in Brilon. RESIBLOC® cast-resin transformers offer maximum mechanical strength to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses. They are used for decades in applications requiring a high level of reliability or where special environmental conditions apply.
Detect partial discharges quickly and precisely

"Our RESIBLOC® transformers are tested according to IEC 60076-11, which defines a maximum partial discharge limit of 10 pC for dry-type transformers", explains Mr. Rudi Schutzeichel, Quality Management ABB Brilon. "We therefore perform our tests with the MPD system, which can detect the faintest signs of partial discharges even in noisy environments like a production site by using excellent methods of interference suppression."

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