CIBANO 500: The Future of Circuit Breaker Testing


CIBANO 500 is the first 3-in-1 test system that combines a multi-channel timing analyzer, a high-accuracy micro-ohmmeter and a powerful coil and motor supply in just one device. It allows the testing of medium-voltage and high-voltage circuit breakers with dead-tank and live-tank design.
This innovative concept allows a faster and safer wiring, speeds up the whole test process, and delivers one combined test report for all tests carried out.
With CIBANO 500 and its accessory, CB MC2 (main contact module) and CB TN3 (transducer node), the following seven tests can be carried out without rewiring:

  • Static contact resistance test (micro-ohm measurement)
  • Minimum pickup test
  • Timing tests
  • Coil/motor current analysis
  • Undervoltage condition test
  • Dynamic contact resistance test
  • Motion/contact travel test (will be possible in Q3)

CIBANO 500 operates by OMICRON’s established Primary Test Manager (PTM) software. The software guides the user through the test procedure and combines all measurement results in just one test report.

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