CMC 310: Entry Level Protective Relay Testing


The new CMC 310 is specifically designed for entry-level three-phase testing of protection and measurement devices. It is easy-to-use, highly reliable, and covers a broad range of applications. Its lightweight and compact design makes it particularly suitable for testing distribution and industrial systems. The unit provides 3x 0..300V as well as 3x 0..15A at 350VA per channel (or 1x 0..30A at 780VA) to be able to test all three phase (and single phase) protective relays, ranging from the oldest Electro-mechanical relays to the newest IEC 61850 enabled IEDs. In addition the unit provides six binary inputs, four binary outputs as well as an auxiliary DC power supply.
The test set is exclusively operated by the CMControl P software running on any conventional tablet device or the ruggered CM Control hardware. Due to the intuitive user interface and functionality, setting up tests is easy and convenient.

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