TANDO 700: New System for High-voltage Insulation Testing and Analysis


The condition of insulation is essential for secure and reliable operation of high-voltage electrical equipment. Measuring dissipation/power factor and capacitance are standard methods for testing overall insulation condition.

Early loss detection improves performance 
Variations in the dissipation/power factor are often signs of mechanical displacements, the ingress of moisture, partial discharge, aging and degradation in insulation. By detecting these conditions early, corrective action can be taken to improve the performance and reliability of electrical equipment.

Flexible testing solution
OMICRON's new TANDO 700 is a precise measuring and analysis system for dissipation/ power factor (Tan Delta) and capacitance of insulation in high-voltage (HV) equipment. Due to its compact and lightweight design, TANDO 700 can be easily transported for use in many different test areas.

Both grounded and ungrounded test objects can be measured, since TANDO 700 can be operated on high-voltage potential. TANDO 700 measures currents in a dynamic range from 5 μA to 1 A. The input range can be extended up to 28 A by means of optional external shunts.

The flexible system is compatible with any type of reference capacitor for testing a variety of high-voltage equipment, including bushings, transformers, rotating machines (motors and generators), power cables and cable accessories, capacitors and circuit breakers.

Additional measurement parameters
In addition to dissipation/power factor and capacitance, TANDO 700 also measures parameters such as power, current, voltage, impedance and frequency. All measurement data is displayed in real time.

Safe, plug-and-play operation
TANDO 700 automatically recognizes connected hardware for easy plug-and-play setup and operation. Fiber optic connections ensure complete galvanic isolation to provide you with superior safety in high-voltage areas.

The system's internal batteries enable long, uninterrupted measurement sessions for weeks. The system's software allows the user to customize settings for real-time data display, trend analysis and reporting.


  • Precise measurement accuracy in noisy environments
  • Fiber-optic connections for superior safety in HV areas
  • Large input measurement range for testing a wide variety of test objects
  • Compact design for easy transport to various testing areas
  • Plug-and-play operation for quick system setup
  • Low power consumption for extended battery life
  • Compatible with OMICRON’s MPD 600 for simultaneous partial discharge measurement and analysis
  • Easy-to-use software for real-time data display, trend analysis and customized reporting

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