OMICRON Advanced IEC 61850 Course



Participants gain a more in-depth understanding of the IEC 61850 standard and its practical application. The training focuses on recent developments around the standard as well as on specific topics and applications for advanced users.
The OMICRON IEC 61850 testing tools are practically applied for more complex analyses and testing. Detailed and practically explained engineering knowledge will be exchanged.
After completion of the seminar each participant will have a good understanding of:

  • New possibilities as defined in Edition 2 of the standard
  • Related topics as time synchronization and redundancy
  • Client-Server-Communication as used for SCADA and its analysis
  • GOOSE details & analysis
  • Engineering possibilities and tools
  • Advanced testing features
  • Sampled Values for real time communication of measured values

Each participant will perform a number of practical tasks. For this purpose a substation network with CMC’s, protective IED’s and a circuit breaker simulator is engineered and tested.

  • Setting up of a basic substation network, utilizing a combination of each users own PC, CMC’s and IED’s (setting up the IP configuration of each device)
  • Extending the network
  • Performing an injection test on the protective functions of an IED connected and subscribing to the GOOSE message of the relevant IED to determine the pick-up time of the GOOSE.
  • Analysis of the GOOSE.
  • Testing and analysis of SCADA communication (report) with IEDScout
  • Additionally Sampled Values will be defined and used


  • Services in general, focussing on SCADA services
  • Testing of client/server communication
  • Simulation and analysis of GOOSEs
  • GOOSE performance testing
  • Measuring and testing sampled values applications
  • Extended networking aspects of engineering as defined in IEC 61850-6
  • Advanced networking aspects
  • Time synchronization of IEC 61850 IEDs and systems
  • Substation to substation communication
  • Other standards for power generation and security
  • Test of conformity
  • Sampled Values

Pre-requisites for the seminar

  • OMICRON Basic Protection Testing Seminar
  • OMICRON Basic IEC 61850 Seminar
  • A good understanding of protection systems and the different types of relaying (distance, differential, directional over-current and current phase comparison).
  • Sufficient field experience specifically testing and commissioning protection systems (minimum 1 year).

Software used

OMICRON Test Universe V3.20 or later, IED Scout 4.20 or later