OMICRON Basic IEC 61850 Course


IEC 61850 is the new international standard for substation automation systems, which defines the communication between devices in a substation and the related system requirements. It supports all substation automation functions and their engineering. Different from earlier standards, the technical approach makes IEC 61850 flexible and future-proof.
After completion of the seminar each participant will have a good understanding of:

  • The standard and its application in a substation environment
  • Terminology used in the IEC61850 environment
  • Differences/similarities between a conventional system and an IEC61850 system
  • Implementation of the standard
  • How to test Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) utilizing GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) messages.

Each participant will perform a number of practical tasks. For this purpose a substation network with CMC’s, protective IED’s and a circuit breaker simulator are set up.

  • Setting up of a basic substation network, utilizing a combination of each users own PC, CMC’s and IED’s (setting up the IP configuration of each device)
  • Performing an injection test on the protective functions of an IED connected and subscribing to the GOOSE message of the relevant IED to determine the pick-up time of the GOOSE.
  • Publishing / simulating a GOOSE with the CMC on the network to trigger and reset an LED on an IED.


  • Basics of IEC 61850
  • Data Models and Services
  • Specific Mappings
  • Networking (Basics, Configuration)
  • GOOSE (Basics, Configuration)
  • OMICRON-Tools for GOOSE
  • Practical Training
  • Further Activities of IEC61850 (Sampled Values)

Pre-requisites for the seminar

  • OMICRON Basic Protection Testing Seminar 
  • A good understanding of protection systems and the different types of relaying (distance, differential, directional over-current and current phase comparison). 
  • Sufficient field experience specifically testing and commissioning protection systems (minimum 1 year).

Software used

OMICRON Test Universe V3.20 or later, IED Scout 4.20 or later