OMICRON Basic Protection Testing Course


After completion of this course each learner will have a good understanding of the protection principles used in over-current, frequency, distance and differential relays. The learner will have a working understanding of the OMICRON secondary test equipment hardware and the OMICRON Test Universe software. The learner will know how to run and update pre-prepared test templates for various kinds of protective relays.

Software session

The participants will be familiarised with the important aspects of the Test Universe software. Each learner will perform a number of tasks using the test software in the offline mode, i.e. with no CMC connected.

Practical session

The participants will have to apply the gained knowledge. Test stations with a test set each for a distance, a differential and an overcurrent relay are set up. The participants are divided into groups, which rotate through the different test stations performing a number of tasks at each station.


  • Basics: Important aspects of protective relay testing in an electrical substation. Safety aspects
  • Basic protection principles of overcurrent, frequency, distance and differential relaying. How to connect a relay to the OMICRON hardware (e.g. voltage and current signals, VT and CT test plugs, trip and pickup signals, DC supply).
  • OMICRON hardware overview: CMC 356, CMC 256plus, CMC 156, CMA 156, CMS 156, CMS 251, CMS 252.
  • Hardware configuration: Setting up the OMICRON hardware in the Test Universe software.
  • QuickCMC: Injecting three phase voltage and current. Manual pick-up and timing tests.
  • Overcurrent relays: Entering the settings (using a XRIO converter for a generic overcurrent and earthfault relay). Testing the pick-up and operating characteristic.
  • Distance relays: Entering the settings (using a XRIO converter for a ABB REL511 or SEL 321). Testing the impedance characteristic automatically.
  • Differential relays: Entering the settings (using a XRIO converter for a SEL 387, Siemens 7UT51 or ABB SPAD 346). Testing the operating characteristic automatically.
  • Transducers: Entering the transducer characteristic. Testing the characteristic automatically.

Pre-requisites for the seminar

Basic knowledge and understanding of protection systems (different type of relays, CTs, VTs, circuit breakers).
Working knowledge of how to operate WindowsTM programs (e.g. WordTM, ExcelTM) and the WindowsTM operating system.

Software used

OMICRON Test Universe V3.20 or later