OMICRON CT Analyzer Testing Course



After completion of this course each learner will have a good understanding of current transformers. The learner will have a working understanding of the OMICRON CT Analyzer test equipment hardware and associated software. The learner will know how to perform test procedures on current transformers.

Theoretical session

The participants will be familiarised with the important aspects of different types of tests performed current transformers. Participants will also be educated on the different IEC standards on current transformers.

Practical session

The participants will have to apply the gained knowledge. During practical sessions a current transformer will be tested. A number of different tasks will have to be performed on the current transformer.


  • Basics: Important aspects of primary plant testing in an electrical substation. Safety aspects
  • Basic theory on current transformers: Different types of CTs, equivalent circuit and different cores. Different tests performed on current transformers and connection diagrams. Discussion of international standards regulating current transformers and determination of CT parameters.
  • OMICRON hardware overview: CT Analyzer
  • CT Analyzer: Setting up and execution of different tests on current transformers.
  • Current Transformer Testing: Perform the following tests on a current transformer: Ratio, burden, excitation curve, winding resistance, polarity check and determination of CT class. Testing of bushing CTs.
  • CTA Quick Mode: Injecting voltage and current. Manual ratio tests.
  • CPC Explorer Software: Upload and download of test results and test templates.
  • CT Analyzer Excel File Loader: Create customized reports and perform specific post- processing of test results.

Pre-requisites for the seminar

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of current transformers. 
  • Working knowledge of how to operate WindowsTM programs (e.g. WordTM, ExcelTM) and the WindowsTM operating system.

Software used

OMICRON CT Analyzer Software Suite V5.00 or later