OMICRON Measurement Testing Course



After completion of this course each learner will have a good understanding of the OMICRON test equipment hardware and the OMICRON Test Universe software for Windows. The testing of various kinds of measurement transducers and energy meters will be covered.

Software session

The participants will be familiarised with the important aspects of the Test Universe software. Each learner will perform a number of tasks using the test software in the offline mode, i.e. with no CMC connected.

Practical session

The participants will have to apply the gained knowledge. Test stations with a test set each and a transducer and an energy meter are set up. The participants are divided into groups, which rotate through the different test stations performing a number of tasks at each station.


  • Basics: Important aspects of measurements testing in an electrical substation. Safety aspects
  • Basic measurement principles of measurement transducers and energy meters. How to connect a transducer or meter to the
  • OMICRON hardware (e.g. voltage and current signals, VT and CT test plugs, power supply, DC analogue and pulsing output signal).
  • Hardware Overview: OMICRON CMC 356, CMC 256plus, CMC 156, EP option.
  • Hardware Configuration: Setting up the OMICRON hardware in the Test Universe software.
  • QuickCMC: Manual testing
  • Transducers: Entering the transducer characteristic and settings into the software. Testing the characteristic automatically.
  • Energy meters: Entering the meter parameters into the software. Testing the energy meter automatically.
  • OMICRON Control Center: Generation of reports. Generation of test templates. Automatic testing of multi-function measurement devices.

Pre-requisites for the seminar

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of measurement systems (energy meters and transducers, CTs and VTs).
  • Working knowledge of how to operate WindowsTM programs (e.g. WordTM, ExcelTM) and the WindowsTM operating system.

Software used OMICRON

Test Universe V3.20 or later