A XRIO Converter is a customized tool that allows a user of the OMICRON Test Universe software easy entry of relay specific settings in the same context as used on the relay. After completion of this seminar each participant will have a working understanding of creating his own XRIO Converter as well as generating fully automatic test templates using the LinkToXRIO functionality.
The participants will be familiarised with the structure and syntax of XRIO as well as the application of the LinkToXRIO functionality. Each participant will perform a number of tasks developing his own XRIO Converters using the test software in the offline mode, i.e. with no CMC connected.


XRIO Converters: The application and development of XRIO Converters.
LinkToXRIO Functionality: Establishing links to specific parameters contained in the XRIO Converter and the application thereof in the OMICRON Control Center.

Pre-requisites for the seminar

  • OMICRON Basic Protection Testing Seminar
  • A good understanding of protection systems and the different types of relaying (distance, differential, directional over-current and current phase comparison).
  • Sufficient field experience specifically testing and commissioning protection systems (minimum 1 year).
  • A basic understanding of Visual Basic programming as well as structuring formulas in ExcelTM.

Software used

OMICRON Test Universe V3.20 or later