Preliminary List of Topics

Presentations of New Developments

  • A Philosophical View of Power System Protection – Dr. Alex Apostolov
  • IEC 61850 News @ OMICRON
  • Why system-based testing should be part of your commissioning
  • The new CMC 156 Extended Precision: CMC 430
  • Step / Touch Potential Measurements and Earth Resistance Testing

Presentations on Applications

  • Cyber Security – Challenges and Answers
  • OCC Reporting and Beyond
  • Experiences Testing Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs)
  • Practical Tips on Performing SFRA Measurements in the Field
  • Phase VI Siemens based protection schemes for Eskom Transmission
  • The Rezip Automation Algorithm for Distribution Networks with Protection Coordination Problems

Practical  Sessions

Attendees will break away in smaller groups to attend a practical demonstration on a variety of subjects in the field of primary / HV plant testing as well as secondary testing. There will be opportunity to ask questions and discuss specific aspects in a smaller group. Preliminary topics are:

  • IEC 61850 – Verification and Supervision of Communication Systems
  • System Based Busbar Testing with Integral Isolator Simulation using RelaySimTest
  • Tips and Tricks with Analyzing Transient Recordings with Transview
  • Introduction and Overview of the Standardized Test Templates for Eskom’s new Phase VI Protective Relay Schemes
  • Three Phase Transformer Testing Made Easy with TESTRANO 600
  • Practical Earth Resistance Tests and Step and Touch Potential Measurements with CPC 100, CP CU1 and PTM