Preliminary List of Topics

Presentations of New Developments and Applications

  • Keynote by Alexander Apostolov: Is the Classical Protection Engineer a Dying Profession?
  • CyberSecurity Challenges in Digital Substations – What is OMICRON doing about this?
  • New Possibilities for System-based Testing of IEC 61850 and Advanced Transformer Protection Schemes
  • New Means for Testing Transformer Differential Relays with CMC 430 and Test Universe 4.10
  • Testing of the ENTEC ETR300-R and NOJA R315 Recloser Controllers with ARCO 400
  • Testing Methods for Low Power CT’s and Low Powered CT Input Relays
  • Setting and Testing of Renewable Power Producer (RPP) Voltage Ride Through Protection
  • Testing Ring-main Units in the Field with the Battery Operated COMPANO 100 Single Phase Injection Test Set
  • Experiences Testing the Transient Stability System (TSS) between Matimba and Medupi Power Station
  • Calibration of Test Equipment – Why, Where, Who and When?t

Practical  Sessions

Attendees will break away in smaller groups to attend a practical demonstration on a variety of subjects in the field of secondary testing as well as primary / HV plant testing. There will be opportunity to ask questions and discuss specific aspects in a smaller group.

  • How StationGuard protects your Digital Substation from Cyberattacks
  • Testing of the Arc Flash Protection Function of MV Protective Relay IEDs
  • Testing of the Eskom Transmission EHV Protective Relay Schemes from Siemens & SEL
  • Complete Buszone System Testing using RelaySimTest
  • Comprehensive Power Transformer Testing with TESTRANO 600
  • Tan-delta and Capacitance Measurement of HV Bushings with CPC 100 & CP TD12